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It's all Relative

When in business, how you spend your money is relative. What is important to one business owner may not be as urgent to the next. Let me make the case for professional marketing services. It isn’t uncommon in our world to meet with a new business, and when the subject of the marketing budget comes up, there is a little bit of “deer in the headlights” reaction. I’m biased of course, but I have never understood this. Why would you relegate the very thing that will drive sales to the back seat?

All too often, new business owners believe that just because they are in business, customers will simply come to them or find them and their services. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way. While new business owners often are busy with the legal, financial and operational side of launching, they may grossly underestimate what it will take to drive customers through the door.

Hopefully, the new owner realizes they need help before it’s too late. How often do we hear or read of a business closing their doors, due to lack of customers. You rarely hear of a business shutting down operations because they had more customers then they could handle. I don’t care how you spin it, the sad fact is, if a business is closing its doors, more than likely it is due to poor sales. If sales were brisk, and the business was thriving they wouldn’t shut the doors, the owner would sell it!

So, where does that leave us? Marketing of course. And in a perfect world, professional services. Why? Because in the long run, getting professional help is much more cost effective, and frankly cheaper than spending thousands of dollars, and possibly years making poor marketing decisions.

Why work with a firm though, if you feel that you can do it yourself? Here are a few really good reasons:

  • Most people get into a business doing something they know a lot about and they love, but that doesn’t mean they know how to market their business.
  • Marketing professionals look objectively at your business and give you our professional opinion. (you may not like it!)

  • Within a professional firm will be a variety of skill sets and usually a considerable amount of experience to draw from. In addition, the really good firms have alliances, and partnerships with others in the field they can reach out to for help. Collectively this is all designed to deliver the best marketing services to a customer, whether it is market research, well thought out strategy, brand management, media placement or creative services.
  • Because we are all bombarded by advertising 24/7, it is natural to think it is easy to do, and anyone can do it. But that is not the case. I watch lots of TV programs about the law but that doesn’t mean I know enough to represent myself in a court case when serious stuff may be on the line. Marketing is the same thing. How you market your business is serious stuff, and most likely, you don't know enough to do a good job by yourself. That’s why you pay a professional marketer to make sure the job is done right.

And, as our title indicates, the cost is relative. What is solid marketing strategy and execution to ensure your business’ success worth to you? And what is the cost of failure?