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Ruminations on Change

At the end of this month, 44º North will be moving to a new location. As we are preparing for the move, each of us are going through files and purging paper so it doesn’t have to be moved. That exercise has prompted me to ruminate about the past seven plus years I have worked for this company, the personal and professional growth I have experienced, and the monumental changes within the marketing industry that have taken place.

As a novice ad rep at the now defunct Oshkosh Buyers Guide, I marveled at the professionalism and knowledge of the advertising agency people I had contact with. They were Rock Stars to me and I wanted to be one of them. But my path kept me in print advertising for well over a decade as I honed my sales and marketing techniques, as well as management skills through several positions with the local papers here in Oshkosh and in Fond du Lac. But I still envied those agency people. Their work had such variety, what with the opportunity to create entire campaigns with print materials, radio and TV promos, online marketing, events and so much more.

Finally my opportunity came over a casual lunch with a business associate who happened to own a marketing firm. When Diane (Penzenstadler, owner of 44º North Advertising & Design) told me her company was moving to larger space, I excitedly asked, “Do you have room for me?” Turns out she did, and I came to work for her in September 2007, nearly eight years ago.

These past years have been exciting, challenging, rewarding, frustrating, inspiring, disappointing, overwhelming, eye-opening and interesting. But never boring or dull. Many people have jobs where no two days are ever the same and for those of us that thrive on newness, there is no other kind to have. That is why I continue to do this work.

Couple that infinite newness with the opportunity to really help people grow their businesses, and I have achieved professional nirvana. Granted, there is still the occasional frustration; after all, I do work with human beings. But the overall satisfaction and pride I have in my work and the work we do as a company is beyond compare. And isn’t that all we really want from our work?

It’s been said that the only constant in this world is change, and I certainly agree with that. When I joined 44º North Advertising & Design, my biggest challenge was to learn my way around websites and the marketing potential they had to offer. It was a learning curve, but one that I gladly tackled as I expanded my knowledge and expertise in my chosen field. I soon discovered that the world of web is the modern day “Wild West.” It is such a vast and diverse world, NO ONE person or one company knows all there is to know about it, nor is that even humanly possible. Just about the time you think you are well-versed in a particular aspect of online and web marketing, the game changes. The same is true of social media.

I have always prided myself in being a life-long learner, but I now realize I will never know all there is to know about the constantly evolving world of Internet marketing. But I do not let my human limitations deter me. I continue to learn, evolve and move forward for the benefit of my clients as well as my own selfish need to feel smart. And every day offers another opportunity for growth.

So bring on the changes, world. I am ready for you!!